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Series "Living as a Japanese Muslim"(1) Islam incoming Hen

I,2009Of year4We come to believe in Islam in the city of Indonesia in Bandung to the moon.

At that time, I was dating her was when you first visited engagement a house (now his wife).

She was a wealthy family of the young lady of Indonesia. Of course, she nor her parents, "Indonesia's wealthy, devout Muslim (Muslim)" was the home of dogma as that.,ja

When are relaxing in her home, suddenly she "From today, I want you to become a Muslim," it has been said.,ja

Looking back at that time, it was also quite taken aback part in steep her offer. Of course, because it was socializing on the premise of marriage, it did not mean that the thought did not. However, half a year after in their own plan -,ja1What was the year the destination of the story, was suddenly. Moreover, after2Thing and I want you to decide on up to it from beginning the ritual of incoming in about time. "Edge! ! "

This, surprise! was. In this situation, now? Already the edge of a cliff! ? (¯ □||||!!

Various thoughts, crisscrossed the inside of my head. Of course, relations of the past as if refuse is impossible. In addition, in the refuse, her it was not too important presence.

30Worried about minute, "1That had planned a year away, I remember only that it has acknowledge to myself with the organized feeling "that even now has become from today.,ja


After that, the past is rapidly time. Memorization of Arabic necessary to over a period of 1 hour incoming (Shahada). So talk about her greetings and Islam of the relatives.

And, to her home is this leaders (Ulama) formula was completed without incident.

From there, it was around to shake hands to her relatives have not yet a greeting. (About 70 people) at this time, but I thought I pretty much, was a lovely thing compared to the wedding to be performed later.

Hectic was one day but it was certain that was a memorable day for me.