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「海外キャンペーン2013」のお知らせ・International campaign 2013




  •  行政職員と面会し、SMAの紹介を行なった
  • 社会福祉団体「Maroc Generations」とのパートナーシップ提携
  • 国営ラジオ放送に出演し、同プロジェクトの紹介を行なった



Asalam wa haleikoum,

We are happy to announce that SMA has started an International Campaign for Shizuoka Masjid. I went to Morocco and took that opportunity to introduce our project. This campaign included:

  • Talking to officials to introduce SMA.
  • Made a partnership with an association called ”Maroc Generations”
  • Had an interview on National Radio.

 People in Morocco were really enthusiastic and supportive. Alhamdulilah we were able to collect 240.000円 and in chaa ALLAH they will send more and we can build more partnership with them, too.

 SMA will take any opportunity to support the Masjid Project. If you have any relationships, contacts or acquaintances who know organizations or associations overseas who could possibly help us, please contact SMA sma@muslimjapan.com.

Thank you.