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Eid worship Announcement / EID'l Adha Prayer 2016

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Eid Prayer at the following location. Please follow the important instructions.

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Salam wa haleikum,
Eid Mubarak.
Important: unfortunately the location where we will be praying Salatul Eid doesn’t allow to bring food therefore we will not be serving food at Azarea. Since the Eid is a Monday, the offices around our Mussalla will complain again therefore there will be no gathering at the Mussalla after Eid prayer. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please enjoy the Eid with your family and friends by organizing BBQs or food parties in your favorite spots.

"Notice of Idoruadoha worship venue"
Assalam array Kum.
Please review the following poster and note the circumstances, please come to the Eid prayer venue.
① parking, please use your local coin parking.
② eating and drinking at the venue (Eid party) is, will not be held by the circumstances.
③ held Eid party in Shizuoka musalla prohibits unfortunately.
(Reason: the intrusiveness of the large number of people that there is a risk of noise, you will be annoying to those of other tenants, tenants have a work on weekdays.)

Eid celebration, enjoy together with your family and friends at other desired location. Much for your cooperation and understanding, thank you.

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