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New Year events Announcement January 18 (Wednesday)

Shizuoka Prefecture Multicultural promotion event "heard Islam know talking"

By all means, please join us wields on the invitation alignment.

Time and date: 2017 January 18 (Wednesday) afternoon 13:30Opening / 14:00Start to 16:20End

Location: Shizuoka Prefecture Gender Equality Center Azalea second floor large meeting room

〒422-8063 Shizuoka Suruga-ku 1-chome horse Kinji 17-1 TEL: 054-255-8440

Program summaryNot only in the academic lecture of Islam, Shizuoka resident of Muslim (Japan and foreign born) and can direct dialogue, hear the voice of the local consumers, it is the face can be seen "AC participatory events". Your participation of the general public is, of course,,jaSuch as government officials, tourism and educational institutions (teachers), medical welfare and food officials, members of the deeply involved duties to civilian life field,Please join us by all means Furutte.

The first lecture (60 minutes)~ ~ Lecturer "Islam Getting Started as a Liberal": Mr. Kyoichiro Sugimoto (Islamic Research Foundation International President, NPO corporation Chiba Islamic Cultural Center, Vice President)

Of afternoon worship ~ break ~

Part Two panel talk and group sessions (50 minutes)* Special guest was invited, I ask cuts for such questions and issues in everyday life from the point of view of the Multicultural Muslim along with the instructor. Then, around the Shizuoka resident Muslims go to the group session, you will learn about the life practice while asked to answer questions from the participants.,ja

Special guest ① Mr. Kou Takahata (University of Shizuoka International Relations, Faculty Associate Professor) ② Said Sato (United Arab Islamic Institute Imam / researcher Japan Muslim Association director)

How to apply:Email sma@muslimjapan.com "Event Registration"In the title, the participants of the name, phone number, please apply to describe the number of people. Because it does not issue the participation form, please come on the day to the venue.,ja