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Donations to Syria Refugees

In Shizuoka Muslim Association, has launched a project to deliver relief supplies to Syria refugees who fled to Turkey.,ja

Currently, we are raising the cost of transporting relief supplies. Transportation cost fee, it takes 1 million yen, such as boat fee, customs clearance and local expenses. Already the first flight is to arrive at the Mersin port of Turkey, is scheduled to be the second flight to arrive soon. Goods will be delivered to Turkey of refugees close to the Syrian border.,ja

Whether Thank you for your support and cooperation from everyone.

11Month mid-loading relief supplies to the container (in Toyama)

It is your support in crowdfunding,From herePlease.

Bank transfer destination, will be here. Thank you very much.

[Syria refugee assistance donations accepted destination]Payment of the association cut: 2017 February 3 (Gold)

Bank: Yuu ち ょ Bank branch name: two hundred thirty-eight
Account number: 2675274
Account name: "Japan Dow wa Fund"
(Transfer number between Japan Post Bank: 12370-26752741)

If you would like to transfer paper, From the Contact Us at the bottom of the pagePlease contact the name and address. From this association, it will be mailed the transfer paper.

Children of Syria will thank the warm support from the ... whether everyone so that you sleep in the warmth.

Under .. is to look at the page, thank you.