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"Support of the message" Introduction

Here is the message we received from a muslim in Shizuoka community… From the direction of Shizuoka community, we will introduce that it has received a message of support.

”Alhamdulillah,Thank you YA ALLAH, Thank Yasin's was my best well, thank Jana's, thank you, but also in the Shizuoka There are still a lot of 'Brother and sister', そして静岡以外にもいる、もっとたくさんの皆さんが一緒に集まり、一緒に頑張り、そして一緒につながりを作れば、静岡マスジドを早く立てることができます。そして皆のイスラムのコミュニティももっと強くすることができます。日本での我々の生活は忙しく、やらなければならない自分のことがあります。しかし、私たちの大切なイスラム教の事を、もし私達がやらないと、ムスリムとして誰もやってくれません。ですから、少しだけでも「時間」や「アイディア」があったら、ぜひみんなと共有して下さい。そしてSMAにその力を貸してください。ぜひ、一緒に頑張りましょう。” (D&I, 2013.1.17)

Thank you for the warm and powerful message. Now on, thank you for your support to the SMA. Thank you very much for the warm and supportive message! It really means alots to us.

News · International campaign of "Overseas Campaign 2013",ja 2013

Assalam array Kum.

Happy New Year! Also thank you for your support to the SMA please 2013. Well, it is immediately, to inform you that the "Shizuoka Masjid Project overseas campaign" than this year began.,ja

One of the target countries overseas campaign, is Morocco. SMA representative had returned home one o'clock to Morocco, but it has been soliciting introduce the donation of the project to the opportunity. It reports the results.

  • Met with government officials, it was subjected to introduction of SMA
  • Social welfare organizations "Morocco GenerationsPartnership alliance with "
  • Appeared on state-run radio broadcasting, was subjected to the introduction of the project

Moroccan people,High SchoolOf which it has very interested in the activities, was cooperative. Al Ham driller, in Morocco stayDonation of a total of 240,000 yenWe were able to gather. To cherish the cooperation of the country in the future, we would like to seek a better outcome. In addition, with the approach of as much as possible also in other countries, let's ask for assistance. everyone,,jaIf such contact to the country and organizations with a home country or an edge can be taken, by all meansHigh SchoolAFFAIRSsma@muslimjapan.comPlease contact me to. Thank you.

Asalam wa haleikoum,

We are happy to announce that SMA has started an International Campaign for Shizuoka Masjid. I went to Morocco and took that opportunity to introduce our project. This campaign included:

  • Talking to officials to introduce SMA.
  • Made a partnership with an association called ”Maroc Generations”
  • Had an interview on National Radio.

People in Morocco were really enthusiastic and supportive. Alhamdulilah we were able to collect 240.000円 and in chaa ALLAH they will send more and we can build more partnership with them, too.

SMA will take any opportunity to support the Masjid Project. If you have any relationships, contacts or acquaintances who know organizations or associations overseas who could possibly help us, please contact SMA sma@muslimjapan.com.

Thank you.