Land Campaign in Motion

This Masjid  location is wonderful by a local fish port, overviewing a beautiful Sunset & Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, and surrounded by quite semi industrial/residential area where you can easity access to several fresh seafood restaurants, parks, schools, hospitals and shops. We see this place as a new muslim community growing around the Masjid in near future. InshaAllah. We also look forward to see this masjid to function as the first Islamic Center in Shizuoka to deliver the true teaching of Islam to Japanese and bridging muslims and the locals in a peaceful and friendly environment.

Muslim World Festival (Explaining Islam)
Muslim World Festival (Explaining Islam)

Our dream plan goes on…. will you join us?  First we have to obtain this land.

We need to raise 100,000 US dollars ( 11,000,000 JPY) by July 15th in order to obtain the land. Otherwise we will lose the non-refundable deposit of 45,000 US dollars (5,000,000 JPY).


Shizuoka Muslim Community

For international donors, click on How to Support” page. You can choose various amounts from $10 to $10,000 by using a bank card.

For Japan donors, send your donation to JP bank at #12370-23879171. You can also check out How to Support” page for more options.

Thank you! Shukran! Jazak Allah Khayrun! 

We will post the updates on the campaign during the month of Ramadan.
May Allah reward all our good deeds and dua’s.