About Us

Shizuoka Muslim Association(SMA) has been established in 2010 as a community group of muslims residing in Shizuoka City and its suburban areas. Our goal is to improve our livings as muslims and to meet the social needs of holding religious ceremonies and educational events such as Islamic studies, Iftar parties, Zakat & Sadaqa collections, Friday and Eid prayers and Family picnic. Most importantly, our utmost goal is to build a Masjid for this community and SMA manages the fund and operation of “Shizuoka Masjid Project”.


1. To assist and promote education, communication and social welfare for the muslim community of the central Shizuoka area and the extended areas.
2. To operate and manage the Shizuoka Masjid Project
3. To spread the teaching of ISLAM and to support cultural and educational events to promote multicultural understanding.


  • Dahwa
  • Shahada Ceremony
  • Marriage Ceremony
  • Janazah (Funeral)
  • Charity
  • Educational Activities
    • Arabic lesson
    • Kids program
    • Study groups
  • Festivals & Events
  • Media

Annual Activities:

(ex.2014-2015)Activities may be various every year.

April Cherry-Blossom “Hanami” Picnic
May Muslim World Festival
June Ramadan Iftar Party (on Sundays)
July Charity Campaign / Eid’l Fitr Prayer & Gathering
August BBQ Picnic
October Eid’l Adha Prayer & Gathering
December Collecting & Shipping Aids for Syria
January Kid Program Winter Special
February Shizuoka International Festival
March Farewell party for students

*Beside the events above, there are SMA meetings, Arabic lessons, and kids programs.